Corporate Governance: How To Add Value To Your Company: A Practical Implementation Guide

Corporate Governance: How To Add Value To Your Company: A Practical Implementation Guide

(Free download) Corporate Governance: How To Add Value To Your Company: A Practical Implementation Guide

Book Description : Aimed at the senior managers of SMEs who are looking to sell all or part of the business. This book shows how to implement Corporate Governance procedures to add both perceived and real value to a business. Implementing CG procedures before sale of the business is likely to add a premium to the price, increase the pool of buyers at the asking price and bring a business to the top of the acquisition shopping list. The book is in two sections. The first addresses the basic theory underpinning Corporate Governance to help the reader understand and decide which compliance issues are immediately useful to their business, and which can wait. Prioritisation is key.The second section explains the Code, section by section. It indicates clearly what is being asked for with a ldquo;translation into plain English. It explains what needs to be done and provides a series of check-lists. CG standards are here to stay and the demands are rising. This book is a guide to voluntarily adopting CG to demonstrate the pedigree and worth of any business ndash; and to let that business stand out from the rest.* Shows how to maximise the sale value of Small and Medium Enterprise* Illustrates which actions to prioritise * Provides a plain English translation of the Code and checklists to aid compliance

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